Simple Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm while Skiing

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On a regular basis our customers ask us how do I keep my feet warm when I am skiing. There are some really easy things skiers can do to help with the cold feet dilemma. Here are a few tips if you want to help prevent cold feet.

1. Only wear one pair of socks.

2. Wear a sock that is wool, wool blend, or synthetic, these fabrics help wick away moisture from your skin.

3. Do not wear cotton socks or any cotton fabric against your skin, when you sweat and cotton gets wet the moisture does not wick away and cotton will not dry. The Alpine Sun team calls it Sweat & Freeze!

4. Make sure that you have no wrinkles in your sock inside your boot, wrinkles can cause sores.

5. Your sock should come up just below your knee and always above the top of your boot.

6. The industry also has boot bags with warmers so you can warm up your boots before you put them on and wear them.

7. If your feet are still cold some skiers purchase warmers that can be installed in your boot.

If your feet are happy when you are skiing you are happy!