The Importance of Ski Tuning

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Do you own a car? Would you dream of not having it serviced? Can you imagine not doing your oil changes or not having your brakes check? The same principles apply to your skis. Having your skis tuned on a regular basis will give you a better ski experience and will increase the life of your skis.

There are two types of ski tunes that we offer at Alpine Sun Ski & Sport. There is a full tune and a mini tune. The full tune includes fill ( pytex that is placed in deep gauges in the base of the ski), structure, edge and wax. A mini tune is structure, edge, and wax. Structure is applied to the ski with high tech tuning machines. The structure applied to the base provides a surface that allows the skis to glide easily on snow crystals. Alpine Sun Ski & Sport has tune equipment made by Montana and we provide the Montana Crystal Glide Ski Tune. Edges need to be sharpened so they are free of burrs and rust. Ski edges get burred when skiers hit obstacles and after frequent use. The edges can become rusty in high humidity climates. We recommend applying a storage wax to skis when not in use during the off-season. The storage wax can then be removed by a technician at the beginning of the next ski season. Selecting the appropriate wax is very important. Waxes are made for specific temperature ranges. Alpine Sun technicians use a snow temperature gauge to determine which wax should be applied. Keep your skis well maintenance and your skiing experience will be delightful and always seek advice from a well trained and experienced technician.